Canadian Agri-Food Foresight Institute

An institute distinctively designed to both broaden and deepen food knowledge.

What is the purpose of Canadian Agri-Food Foresight Institute?

The institute helps farmers, consumers, NGOs, the hospitality industry, the broader community, students, and the food industry to explore, learn, innovate, commercialize, and make positive change to improve food quality, security, sustainability, appreciation, and healthfulness.



Devoted to tackling canadian’s food issues along the entire agriculture and food continuum, Canadian Agri-Food Foresight Institute is looking forward to better understand the future of food.



With the help of the prospective method, the institute evaluates and analyzes current agri-food systems to understand the future of agri-food systems. CAFI releases 4 to 6 studies on specific food issues, yearly.



The Institute offers its consultation services to a wide variety of industry and government-mandated projects to help strengthening their strategy at every step of the food life cycle – production, storage, distribution and retail.


Our most recent studies

We strive to enlighten people regarding the most current food trends in every area of the food chain. Here are our most recent publications.

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