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Our Scientific Director, Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, also known as The Food Professor, is a columnist and is frequently published by a multitude of medias cross-country and internationally.

He strives to enlighten people regarding the most current food trends in every area of the food chain by offering insightful and accessible analysis.

The Food Professor Podcast (click here) : Join Dr. Sylvain Charlebois with host Michael LeBlanc from The Voice of Retail podcast as they look at the hot issues in the food, foodservice, grocery and restaurant industries. We’ll discuss proprietary industry and consumer food related research, check out fresh new ideas and talk about half baked strategies.

Here are some of his latest articles and analysis:

Recent articles and analysis

We need to up our food recall game (Toronto Sun)

In a world where information evolves as swiftly as our technology, our ability to protect lives and prevent waste hinges on our capacity to communicate risks effectively, leveraging innovation, [...]

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