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Consultation services to a wide variety of industry and government-mandated projects

Need help or up-to-date information to drive your company strategy?

The Institute offers its consultation services to a wide variety of industry and government-mandated projects. We focus on how global mega-trends will affect food processing, distribution and retail sales for Canadian agri-food businesses, including food service.
The Institute develops intuitive innovative technology and business solutions that offer agri-food businesses a competitive advantage.

The Canadian Agri-Food Foresight Institute works with numerous  experts in a wide range of disciplines, such as: environment, ocean and clean technologies, agriculture, science, health, hospitality, consumer preference, supply chains, culture, and policy.

Our expertise

We’ll present you with all pertinent knowledge and information and will offer insight to help strengthen your strategy. At every step of the food life cycle – production, storage, distribution and retail – our expertise includes :

  • analysis of customer trends
  • marketing (advertising, promotion, size…)
  • supply chain and logistics
  • quality and safety tracking
  • food salubrity and safety
  • price and market analysis
  • optimized production
  • sourcing and inventory

Need an expert presentation for your next organization conference? We’ll put our experience and flexibility at your service and provide a presentation tailored to your reality (needs, opportunities, challenges, etc.).

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